Randy Sutton - General Manager / Owner

Randy Sutton

General Manager / Owner

Riding Experience: 25 years road and off road
Interests: Riding, building cars and boating
Quote: “In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.”

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Mark Green - Co-Owner

Mark Green


Riding Experience: 25 years street, 12 years racing
Interests: Coaching Hockey, Racing, Sledding
Quote: “If you rest, you rust.”

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Andrea Sutton - Administration

Andrea Sutton

Phone: 9024500020
Riding since ; 2004 Interests : Riding, Camping
Brent Cavicchi - Sales Sackville

Brent Cavicchi

Sales Sackville
Andrew Masters - Finance/Sales Manager

Andrew Masters

Finance/Sales Manager
Riding Experience: 9 years
Interests: Riding, fishing

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Chad Sutton - Service Manager

Chad Sutton

Service Manager

Riding Experience: Many moons
Interests: Hunting, fishing, camping
Quote: “Crap, those were the droids we were looking for.”

Scott Alexander - Service technician

Scott Alexander

Service technician

Riding Experience: Forever
Interests: Motorcycles, classic cars, racing
Quote: “I love lamp.”

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Walter Rudderham - Sales Person

Walter Rudderham

Sales Person
Renee Holland - Sales Associate

Renee Holland

Sales Associate
Phone: 9024500020
INTERESTS: Motorcycles, Atv's, Jet ski's QUOTE: Power sports gives you an adrenaline rush and a sense of freedom that you just cant get anywhere else!
Erin Forrest - Apparel

Erin Forrest

Interests: Music
Alex Wood - Parts Sales / IT / Web Manager

Alex Wood

Parts Sales / IT / Web Manager
Interests: Baseball, Fly fishing.
Quote: "Did you try restarting it?"

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Cliff Matthews - Parts Expert

Cliff Matthews

Parts Expert
Riding Experience: Since 1974 ... you do that Math
Luke Sanford - Service Technician

Luke Sanford

Service Technician
Doug Nicholson - Sales - Sackville Store

Doug Nicholson

Sales - Sackville Store
Melissa Steeves - Parts Associate

Melissa Steeves

Parts Associate
Sheldon Antle - Technician - Sackville Store

Sheldon Antle

Technician - Sackville Store
Tom Richter - Service Technician

Tom Richter

Service Technician
Carly Mills - Parts Associate

Carly Mills

Parts Associate